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  • "Good afternoon: A month ago, my daughter became engaged to be married and I've been working with them to find a venue for the wedding. The wedding planner at the club happens to live at 2nd and Federal Streets.

I told her how I used to drive to South Philly to pick up pretzels at the Federal Bakery (years ago) and I miss their product. And the Pretzel Factory simply  wasn’t as good.

She smiled and said that I need to visit Center City Pretzel on 8th and Washington Avenue if I want to enjoy a true philly pretzel.

Earlier today, I made my way over to your bakery for the first time. I purchased a 1/2 dozens pretzels and biting into the first one, I went, OMG, these are truly outstanding. Much, much better than the Pretzel Factory and of course, no comparison to Wawa.

I e-mailed the wedding planner and stated that next year, we're going to plan on 200 pretzels are part of the hor d'ourves (with mustard of course).

The purpose of this e-mail is to simply express my gratitude and thanks for producing an extraordinary and outstanding product.

While your website states that you've been in business for over 32 years, I must apologize for living in a cocoon and not being aware of Center City.

Thank you again and I'm looking forward to my next visit (soon) to your store. :)


Wilmington, Delaware"

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